Photo booth Tail-Gate

Recently, I traveled to Memphis, TN to hang out and visit with family. While taking in some football at tail gate in the parking lot of Liberty Bowl Stadium. This is when the thought occurred to me that this would be a great opportunity to have a photo booth. It was a thought that I kept to myself and added to the list of way I could create opportunities to generate some quick cash for my photo booth. As my brother and cousin casually walked through the tailgate area they discovered a young lady with a photo booth. So it appears that my big idea was being shared by another photo booth owner. Once I got wind of this it became my mission to go and meet this person young lady. Well at least I thought I would be able to have some dialogue with her. After about 20 minutes she was able to break away and talk about her business. As it turns out this was the first time she had tried putting the booth at the tailgate. She had already gone through a roll of Hiti 4X6 media and was working on her second roll of film. She had a simple back ground setup. She told me at first she was doing 4 shots but that started to take too long. So to keep her line moving she chose to move to single shot pose only. She priced her pictures at $5 per picture and it seemed to be sweet price. She noted that most of the pictures were groups of 3 or 4.  She said just about everyone in the picture wanted to have a copy. So with one pose she was averaging $15. Well this is true because my brother and cousin paid her $10. This was a strategy she was able to implement and adjust on the fly.  She also placed the pictures on her website which was located on the picture jacket, and people who purchased would be able to share to social media.

One of the things I was able to learn is when you have an opportunity to be in the middle of a large gathering, there is great potential to create a want. People want to take pictures when they are having a good time with family and friends.  It helps to know about major events that may be taking place in areas near you. This is not only a chance for you to enjoy the festivities but it could also mean that it is an opportunity to generate business, meet new customers, and most importantly make some money. Capturing memorable experiences can not only bring happiness but it can also bring customers. There is no wrong way to find new business, but being creative in this business can be a way to create new markets for your photo booth. Keep making memories one click at a time!


Eric Elliott
Photo Booth Entrepreneur

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