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I manage an online blog for Home Based Business information. We discuss a variety of topics related to working from home and different businesses that you can run from the comfort of your home. While there are many small business startups per month, Forbes estimates approximately 543,000 new small businesses monthly, and 52% of those small businesses are home based. There are many reasons for the increase in people who leave the corporate world to work from home, and they all have to find the right business to suit their needs. I review many Home Based Business ideas every month, and speak to many people about their business goals. As you can imagine there are many opportunities for the person looking for a new business.

I found a business that is very profitable and perfect for the person who has great people skills and enjoys working at special events. Photo Booths are becoming more and more popular, and if you’ve been at a reception, party, club, or some other event recently, you may have seen a photo booth set up for instant images. Photo Booths allow you to choose different backgrounds, use different props, take group pictures, and have an instant reminder of the event you attended. Over the last few months I can count at least 4 events that I attended where a photo booth was present, and there were customers lined up at the booth until there events ended. While I don’t pretend to tell you that this is an easy business, I can tell you that it can be rewarding for the right individual.

Startup cost vary for this type of business, but you can expect to spend over 5000.00 for a basic package, and much more if you purchase everything needed to have the best results for your customers. Now if you consider that you can make 500.00 or more in one night, you can see that it will not take long to become profitable. There are a number of companies that offer a Reseller Photo Booth Business, but make sure you consider a company that has great support, and offers basic to complete packages, including a website.

There are people asking what can I do from home that offers a good income, and the ability to work a better schedule than I currently work? If you want a business that will be rewarding as well as fun, you have to consider the Photo Booth Business.

Written by: Willie Diggins
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